There’s no such thing as a free lunch

…But you knew that already – right? Everyone has always paid for financial advice – but very often the costs were hidden or were too complicated to figure out. Most customers didn’t care because they didn’t pay up front for advice. The truth is, whether through the bank, an independent adviser or a company rep, or even if you went direct to a provider you always paid one way or another, and the bottom line is – everyone paid somehow!

These days, the Law has changed and you must pay for your advice either directly or indirectly through the products you purchase. Adviser firms must now disclose how much they are going to charge and how payment will be made – and agree this with the client in advance. This is something which Aquarius has felt strongly about and in fact has disclosed full costs BEFORE proceeding for many years.

It doesn’t cost as much as you might think

With Aquarius, YOU get to choose the level of service which suits you from our menu of very affordable tariffs.

You don’t know how we can help you (and we don’t know how we can help you) until we talk, so we provide a FREE* no obligation introductory session which helps us to see if we could do business together. We call this the ‘Trust Creator’ meeting, which is a brief meeting to establish whether you would like to work with us, if and how we might be able to help you, and to outline the costs of our services.

During the Trust Creator, we guide you through a process which helps you to raise relevant questions. By the end of the session you will have an idea as to the areas in which you need to take action, your priorities and how they might be achieved.

YES, the initial consultation is absolutely FREE* – no strings

You can walk away for FREE* after the Trust Creator meeting – with no pressure and at no cost to you. But now comes the BIG question. Will you do nothing or will you spring into action?

For a capped fee, we can produce a report detailing your current position exactly. This is yours to keep, so you can take action yourself, or through another firm. Alternatively, you can ask us to implement your plan for you.

If we implement your plan for you, you can choose to pay a set fee, or in many cases the fee can be paid from the plan so that you avoid paying a fee directly from your savings.

Costs are dependent upon the work involved and can vary widely. We keep you fully informed every step of the way so you instruct us to carry out additional work knowing the fixed costs in advance.

What about looking after my affairs ongoing?

When your plan is in place, you can contact us again at any time for a review. We may agree that your plan should undergo regular reviews, which are paid by one-off fees or by joining one of our very affordable client care packages.

* The Trust Creator meeting is genuinely completely free of charge. All other meetings are chargeable unless agreed otherwise