This is what Aquarius clients have said about us

“It is very rare that you find a financial adviser who wants to find out more about you than your bank balance! Peter is interested in me. Primarily he is interested in making my dreams a reality – the financial advice part fits around that and is tailored specifically to suit my circumstances. He is quite open and clear about the scale of fees for his work, based upon client needs. In my opinion the fee is well worth it. He saves money and makes money for you. Best of all, I can call him for advice or a second opinion at any time. I am happy to say that I met Peter in a professional capacity and he has very quickly become a friend.”

CT, Managing Director, The Musical Exchanges Group Ltd.

“Peter is passionate about providing a professional and innovative service to his clients. He is approachable and focused and I would recommend him heartily.”

GR, Chartered Accountant & Owner of Ormerod Rutter Chartered Accountant

“ I highly recommend Peter and his company! His process is about you getting the results you want! It is personal to your life goals and is a really focused process. Peter is about getting results for you!”

CTM, Money Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Author

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Peter Skidmore as an Independent Financial Life Planner and Strategic Planner. I have known and trusted Peter with my financial affairs for many years. During which time I have benchmarked and retained the services of Aquarius Wealth Management, primarily as a result of the expertise and professionalism exhibited by Peter and the Team.

Operating “open-book”, Peter has used his skills, proficiency and integrity to ensure that my needs were and remain at the centre of any service offered. As a Trust Creator, Peter used the Aquarius Approach to establish my financial and life goals, and through proactive management and an efficient level of service continues to work with me in achieving these goals. The Aquarius Team’s focus on Financial Planning, as opposed to selling financial products is highly commendable and it is as a result of this, that I have the utmost trust and respect for them.”

VS, Associate Director

“I have been advised by Peter for a number of years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any other solicitor looking for a sound, no nonsense, and technically superb wealth adviser.Peter is great to work with, understands the challenges faced by busy lawyers and is of the highest integrity.”

FD, Senior Partner


“Peter has been advising me on my financial matters for the last 10 years or so. Until 2001 I was a partner in a fairly large Birmingham City Centre law firm. When I moved to this present practice I continued to use Peter. I have also had sufficient confidence in his abilities to refer clients of this practice to him.”

MFW, Solicitor

“You have shown an understanding of an Equity Partner in a professional practice and have been able to offer positive guidance on investments and in particular pension funding. I have always found you have acted with honesty and integrity.”

JBH, Senior Partner

“I have known Peter Skidmore both personally and professionally since 1992. I was an Associate Solicitor in private practice when he first took my financial affairs in hand, in particular arranging a private pension. Since I commenced working for the Law Society, Peter has continued to provide an annual review of my financial position and that of my husband. I have found his assistance both useful and timely but never intrusive. Peter provides me with a comprehensive financial service, whilst always maintaining and friendly and professional profile. I hope to continue using his services for many years to come.”

AJS, Solicitor