Question – “Where did the last 10 years go?”
Answer – “The same place as the next 10 years unless you do something about it!”

“I’m too busy right now”
“I don’t have time to think about it”
“I can’t concentrate on my own affairs when the next job is screaming at me!”
“I’ll get to it next week”

Does this sound familiar?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we get it – you’re too busy! At the end of a long day your brain is too frazzled for anything else. You want to review your financial position but you’re just too exhausted – you will have to get to it another day, or another day, or another day.

You can’t find the time to research and decide WHO you would like to look after things for you, so you can’t figure out WHO you could trust to delegate your finances to.

Aquarius for you

Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate a little more? Delegation creates time for catching up, for getting organised, for planning, or just for thinking. Unfortunately, for many businesses delegation is a luxury that only exists in dreams.

Fortunately, delegation is why Aquarius has become so successful!

All you have to do is to decide that TODAY IS THE DAY! Contact us now and we promise to arrange a FREE* Trust Creator meeting. After that, you can choose whether to ‘do it yourself’, or to delegate the process of appraising your current position, investigating your options and even implementing your plan to us.

Aquarius for your staff

There is no doubt that employers are seen in a very positive light by their staff when their bosses care about their welfare. There are plenty of studies which demonstrate how a caring employer and workplace can positively impact on how good an employee feels and in turn leads to more effective and focused work, higher commitment levels and higher attendance rates. In a nutshell, for you this means potentially HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY!

We can provide a range of employee benefit options, including advice about pensions and auto-enrolment. Please contact us for more information.

What about looking after my affairs ongoing?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your financial affairs (and maybe those of your other key staff) are under constant review by a competent, vigilant, professional firm which has YOUR interests at heart? Wouldn’t it be even better if you only had to be personally involved for say, an hour or two, once a year, or even every other year?

Aquarius provides a range of very affordable client care packages designed to suit any budget and make your life easier. We do this by taking care of things for you on an ongoing basis, provide an annual or bi-annual review, taking care to prompt you if you need to take action in between annual reviews.