Aquarius is not ABOUT US at all, Aquarius is all ABOUT YOU!

It really is all about YOU, our client, the most important component of The Aquarius Approach.

Aquarius’ services have evolved naturally and organically over the past 25 years by putting YOU first. We listen to what YOU tell us about what YOU want, both professionally and personally.

Only when we know what YOU want do we get on with the easy part… making your dreams come true.

YOU benefit from an AFFORDABLE, honest, down to earth, comprehensive, impartial, no pressure, independent service from our extensively trained and qualified team of professionals.

YOU will understand exactly where YOU are now, and armed with hard facts, YOU then decide on the plan of action which is most suitable for YOU to achieve your goals.

All you have to do is to decide that TODAY IS THE DAY! Contact us now and we promise to arrange an initial FREE* Trust Creator meeting. After that, you can choose whether to ‘do it yourself’, or delegate the process of appraising your current position, investigating your options and even implementing your plan with us.

Our History

Aquarius Wealth Management was established as a limited company in August 2007 by Peter and Joy Skidmore, who both have nearly 30 years in the financial services industry.

Aquarius is very much a family business, manned by a small team including apprentices, trainee paraplanners, experienced financial service administrators and former independent financial advisers. This structure enables Aquarius to bring youngsters into a positive and friendly work environment and learn quickly from peers and experienced staff who have a very wide range of skills.

The client comes first – that’s the first thing on the training agenda. Then comes the question of how we can make clients’ lives easier and how can we continue improving the client experience.

A full five years before the Financial Conduct Authority banned commission payments and introduced compulsory fees for financial advisers in January 2013, Aquarius had already created and successfully implemented a menu-based, transparent and easy to understand charging structure to suit all budgets.

* The Trust Creator meeting is genuinely completely free of charge. All other meetings are chargeable unless agreed otherwise